Hip dips are common, and anyone can have them. Learn more about hip dips and the workouts that can help you heal them here.

What are hip dips?

Hip dips are not abnormal but natural; they are those cute curves; that is inwards and are caused by the shape of your pelvis. Some people may love these curves, while others may not. Whatever the situation, maybe if you feel embarrassed or mocked due to your hip dips, then Hasti Singh, an award-winning health and sports nutritionist, is there to help you get over your hip dips.

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips

Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh
Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh

Having hip dips doesn’t mean that you are fat or overweight. Different people might have different variations in hip dips depending upon their bone size. While a little workout may help you tone down your dips, one should know that they can’t be completely removed from your physic.

Here are a few simple yet result-oriented workouts that you could do to reduce hip fat and help tone your hips.

Hip Dip Exercise To Follow:

1) Squats: If you want to shape up your booty, hips and work on your hip dips, this is the workout for you. Each one of us is familiar with squats, but then just remember to keep your back erect and your toes facing forward.

2) Hip Abduction: In this exercise, use your upper body to raise your top leg towards the sky and maintain stillness and engagement in your core and upper body as much as you can. Get back to the basic position and start with the new set of exercises.

Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh
Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh

3) Glute Bridges: The most interesting and enjoyable exercise. You just need to lie comfortably on your mat, and put your arms just beside your body, and make your knees a little bent. Now lift your hips slightly up and down, inhaling and exhaling. Repeat this for 15 minutes, and you are sorted.

4) Clams: In this exercise, you bring your hips and knees up to a 45-degree angle and then pull them apart while keeping your feet together. Return to the ground after pausing at the peak of the action and squeeze your glutes and ab muscles.

5) Fire Hydrants: This exercise focuses on your hips, side buttocks, and outer thighs. To start, take a tabletop position and make sure your posture is correct. Now lift one leg and breathe out, making an angle of 90 degrees with the other leg. Make sure your knee is bent. Breathe in as you bring your leg back to the down position. Do this process at least 15 times.

Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh
Here is Your Guide to Hip Dips-By Hasti Singh


Hip dips are not a disease, but it’s by the nature of the human body that they should not be avoided. No amount of exercise or diet can get them away from your body. Instead, you should work on strength and stability workouts. These will keep your buttocks healthy and make them easier to walk in.

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