Calisthenics is not a new age concept but holds its root back in history. Know everything about this traditional warm-up method here.


Do you know what goes before starting a workout routine, or have you ever wondered how athletes, or other fitness freaks, start their fitness regimen? It is all with the help of calisthenics. If you are a beginner looking for some workout inspiration, then this calisthenics guide will be your talisman.

What is Calisthenics

So, this might sound more technical and newer to you, but the term calisthenics is not new. It was first used and developed in ancient Greece and gained popularity by the 19th century. The word calisthenics is derived from 2 words, ‘kallos’ and ‘sthenos’ which means beauty and strength. 

Calisthenics is a set of exercises that helps in gaining strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination that are vital for a fit and healthy body. It’s more about utilizing and managing your body weight to enhance athletic ability. 

When it comes to mastering the art of calisthenics exercises, then trust only reputed and experienced trainers and fitness guides. 

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To make the workout easier and more fruitful, he has given a few important points about the importance of calisthenics workouts. Have a look:

  • Calisthenics exercises can be done anytime and anywhere without any rigid instrument or machinery. What you want is your body, and you are sorted.
  • It can help you to gain strength.
  • Calisthenics workouts will enhance your physical movement; thus, you would be more energetic in performing day-to-day chores.
  • These workouts give your body a 360-degree turnout.
  • Calisthenics is far better and safe than the resistance training you perform in the gym, which could lead to your muscle or joint injury.
  • It helps to develop a balance between your brain and body.

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Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners

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  • Push-ups – This exercise might seem easy and useless to many, but, is an important warm-up workout. It helps in strengthening the core in a plank and works on the chest, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Planks– Be a plank public and gather strength along with stability below the chest area and over the glutes. 
  • Lunge– If you want to focus on your lower body and work on that area, then this exercise is just for you.
  • Burpee– Touching the ground up and down could do wonders to your heart. Just stick to half burpees, with no jump or push-up, if you are a newbie.

Not only these, but there is also an advanced set of exercises for those who have mastered the beginning ground. 

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Calisthenics could be a step towards change in your life. Once you know to tackle your calisthenics body mass, you can easily do other workouts. Calisthenics workouts tend to improve physical fitness in the same way as weight-training exercises do. The advantage of calisthenics over weight-based training activities is that they involve almost no extra equipment – all you need is your physique!

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