We often ignore our kid’s health and make them unfit and lazy by feeding them loads of fats and other junk out of love and affection, but honestly, these habits become hazardous for our kids in the future. Also, as everything has come to a standstill due to the pandemic, there is hardly any physical activity done by our children, which adds to their deteriorated health. This calls the requirement to indulge our kids in a healthy and balanced diet that will take care of their health. To help your kid in becoming active and healthy, here is a kid’s diet plan shared by renowned fitness expert and sports nutritionist, Hasti Singh.

Hasti says that out of 10, 5 kids are obese and suffer from ailments like diabetes and fatigue at a small age. This is because they don’t get enough nutrition from their food. When a child lacks nutrition content in his/her meal, then there would be physical and mental loss which would ultimately harm the kid in the long run.

Usually, we think that diet plans are only for adults, but now there is a kid’s diet plan too that can enable them to turn towards a healthy lifestyle. Children must consume a diet heavy in whole grains, fresh vegetables, high protein. Here is a common kid’s diet plan for your child (age 5-12 years).

Here is a sample kid’s diet plan to begin with

  • When you first wake up, drink a glass of warm low-fat milk.
  • Breakfast: Vegetable/ egg omelet with onion, tomato, spinach, whole grain bread pieces, and one apple.
  • Mid-morning: Fruit salad with any-flavored low-fat yogurt
  • Lunch: Protein chicken or vegetable cooked in very little oil along with one chapati and lassi.
  • Evening: Cutlet that contains protein, 5-6 almonds, fresh mixed fruit juice (Apple Guava, lime)
  • Dinner: Chapatis made up from multigrain atta, pulses, and paneer-peas-mushroom mixed and curry.
  • Consume a low-fat warm glass of milk before sleeping.

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High Fibre Food for Kids

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There are numerous reasons to increase fiber in your kid’s diet plan. When combined with enough fluids, fiber keeps your gastrointestinal system flowing as intended. Here are a few fiber-rich foods you can include in your kid’s diet plan.

  • Oatmeal: A cup of oatmeal is a great way to start your child’s day. Per cup, this tasty thing has roughly 8 grams (cooked).
  • Apples: With 3.6 g of fiber in a little one, eating an apple a day could be the way! Add 1.6 grams of peanut butter for a delight your kiddos won’t be able to deny.
  • Three cups of popped popcorn provide 2 g of fiber.
  • Carrots: It will give the fiber content your kid needs.
  • Bananas: A banana has 3.1 g of fiber, making it the ideal afternoon treat.
  • Whole-wheat pasta: Whole-grain pasta has 2 g of fiber per 1/2 cup and is a favorite among children.

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Give a healthy and secure future to your kids. Kid’s health is also important, and we should not undermine it. A kid’s diet plan would help your kids to focus on the nutritional values that a body requires and should stop them from consuming toxic food.

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